Proven Way To Beat Your Speeding Ticket

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“You Just Discovered A Guaranteed, Proven Way To Beat Your Speeding Ticket.”

If you already have a ticket, read this and learn how to beat your speeding ticket using 100% legal methods.

For a Texas speeding ticket:

Before you read any further, it’s important to know that my company, is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. Beware of any internet site wanting to sell you anything that is not a member. It may not be safe to do business with them. speeding ticket - traffic tickets san antonio

The Court Wants Your Money! Don’t Just Hand It Over.

Did you get your speeding ticket because you were driving recklessly and endangering others? Probably not. More likely you were simply the victim of another municipality that is trying to shore up their budget on the backs of drivers. Cars are far safer than they were 20 years ago – but speed limits remain artificially low because of the financial windfall they provide. Estimates are that over 115,000 speeding tickets are written every day in the United States! You are stuck in a revenue-grabbing machine that is much more interested in your wallet than whether you were being reckless and unsafe. More on this website

“Thanks for showing me a successful strategy”

I downloaded your system as a last resort to try and beat my speeding ticket. I was extremely skeptical and so were most of my co-workers. But as I began to read the information that you have put together, the ambush strategy seemed to make a lot of sense to me. My day in court came and as a lot of other happy customers can claim I got a not guilty or case dismissed. The officer could not produce the calibration paperwork and I won. Thanks again for your help!

No problem you can use my story. On the day I had my trial there were about 150 other people there. For whatever reason, I was the very last person to present my case. If I had gone earlier in the session I would say 90% of the other people there if they had paid attention would have been able to get out of their tickets as well. Only one officer out of about 25 had all the paperwork with him. I would have to say that is pretty good odds. Thanks for showing me a successful strategy.

Got a ticket? You have two choices:

1. Don’t fight and give them your money.
2. Fight your speeding ticket to keep your money.

If you decide to fight you have 3 choices:

1. Hire a lawyer.
2. Don’t prepare yourself and go to court – as most people do.
3. Prepare yourself with the proper methods to fight and win in court. If you have lots of money, you can hire a good speeding ticket lawyer. If you can find one. If you don’t prepare yourself properly with a proven legal strategy, you will waste hours in court and pay the fine anyway. That makes choice number 3 the logical one. Prepare yourself properly and fight your speeding ticket in court.

Following the “Case Dismissed” strategy is the best way to prepare yourself. First, understand this: You have to play by their rules. You have zero choices in this matter.If you don’t understand how to play by the rules, you lose. The process will be over in a few minutes and you will be found guilty and lose your money. Your guilt or innocence typically does not matter to the court. Unfortunately, thousands of people are convicted every single day because they don’t understand the rules. Whether you were speeding, or how fast you were really going, or what the exact situation was, typically does not matter. In fact, they usually will not even come up in a trial if the prosecutor and judge can help it. That makes things faster for them.

Justice? Well – they try a lot harder for that on cases that are more important to them than lowly speeding tickets. Sure, you have reasons or a valid excuse. But… Who do you think the judge will believe? You or the police officer? In fact, the entire system is rigged by legal rules of evidence, case law precedent, and arcane statutes. If you think the judge will sit there and listen intently while you tell a long story, you are sadly mistaken. The lawyers and courts have conspired to set up an intricate web of technicalities and rules of law that make it faster and easier for them to convict you. And they make it harder for the unprepared person to fight. Their entire strategy is based on this fact. Luckily, these technicalities are exactly what the “Case Dismissed” system exploits to help you beat your speeding ticket. You don’t win with excuses. You don’t win with denials. You don’t win by accusing the police officer of lying or making a mistake.
You win by using legal strategies and technicalities to beat them at their own game.

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